Friday Harbor's Best Places to


Friday Harbor has a wide range of locally owned shops to browse. Find locally made souvenirs, jewelry, fine art, and more. When you are done strolling, find yourself relaxing at the spa.
Lavendera Massage
Lavendera Massage offers a variety of massage treatments, as well as balancing energy work. Shop various products for your body, mind, heart, and spirit. At Lavendera Massage, you'll experience the process of strengthening the whole person: the body, mind, heart, and spirit by nourishing your "inner island."
San Juan Gift Co.
San Juan Gift CO. focuses on curating and delivering gifts that showcase the special nature of the San Juan Islands and the Pacific Northwest. Like you, they value thoughtfulness, intentionality, and standing out in a crowd. And, they offer handmade products and artisanal gifts that do just that. Coupled with personal touches and creative customizations - you're sure to find something extraordinary here.
Pelindaba Lavender
Pelindaba Lavender is a premier grower of lavender plants, distiller of lavender essential oils and handcrafter of lavender products.
Pebble supports and engages our community by promoting creative and regional brands that illustrate the northwest lifestyle. They practice and encourage sustainable style and craftsmanship by offering various products for any facet of life. Pebble has hand-selected goods from stationery to clothing, jewelry, and books to brighten your day. Shop a collection of candles, rugs, and other decorative elements for the perfect gift or design touch you've been searching for. Pebble is a small business focusing on unique pieces you won't find anywhere else. Their most important mission is to connect with locals, tourists, and everyone in between.


Right outside our front door you can experience the best boutique shopping, catch a movie or play, kayak around the island, set off on a whale-watching excursion, and more.
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