Spring is here once again, and it’s time to tell winter to take a hike.

Sunnier skies, longer days, blooming trees and flowers, and the promise of a warm summer ahead.

It’s a time of regrowth and renewal, and we’re sure we won’t have to impress upon you its figurative significance given the last year or so we’ve had.

While things may not quite be back to the way they were just yet, the new season presents a fabulous opportunity to get outside and break free of the winter doldrums.

And if you ask us, nothing does the trick quite like a hike.

Besides a stay in our comfortable guestrooms, of course!

The San Juan Islands are a hiker’s paradise, with plenty of opportunities for fun adventures and lasting memories.

It was a tough call, but we narrowed the list down to five of our favorite hikes.

And a quick note on our difficulty grades you’ll see below: while the hikes range from Easy to Challenging, this is simply as they relate to each other.

Even Challenging ones do not require any sort of significant mountaineering experience, and are suitable for hikers of nearly all experience levels.

Just remember to stay hydrated!


Dead Man’s Cove to Lime Kiln State Park

Difficulty grade: Easy

The lighthouse at Lime Kiln State Park is one of the most iconic photo-ops on the San Juan Islands.

And while the lighthouse may look quaint, nearby Dead Man’s Cove holds some colorful history.

The west side of San Juan Island, including Dead Man’s Cove, used to be a stopping point on a long smuggling route from Seattle all the way to the Far East.

So while you may not find any gold doubloons in a treasure chest, you will have one beautiful addition to your Instagram feed.


Young Hill

Difficult grade: Medium

Standing proudly on the northwest corner of San Juan Island, Young Hill offers up some of the most spectacular panoramic views around.

A 650-ft. climb to the top will offer you a viewpoint of Henry Island, Roche Harbor, Spieden Island, the Canadian Gulf Islands, and more.

Simply start at English Camp, take the trail to the southeast, carefully cross West Valley Road, and you’re on your way.

And you can let us know when you return whether you think it’s a large hill or a small mountain.


English Camp National Park to Westcott Bay

Difficulty grade: Easy

Speaking of English Camp, this time we’ll be heading in the opposite direction down toward the water.

Instead of going southeast, go north from English Camp toward Roche Harbor, and you’ll make your way to Westcott Bay.

This one is a more leisurely hike that sometimes even verges on just being a wander.

Ideal for folks not looking add too much elevation gain.

And the best part? You’ll be rewarded at the end with delicious seafood in a rustic outdoor setting at Westcott Bay Shellfish Co.


Mount Constitution

Difficulty grade: Challenging

This is the highest point in the San Juan Islands, and in fact the second highest island mountain in the contiguous United States.

So if you’re ready for something a cut above a leisurely stroll or a nature walk, this one’s for you.

Lace up those hiking shoes, stretch out those leg muscles, and get ready for truly spectacular views!

And to sweeten the deal even further, you’ll be treated to an observation station at the summit modeled after a medieval watch tower.

So between the mountain and the tower, you’ll be standing a cool 2,452 feet above sea level.


Cascade Falls

Difficulty grade: Easy

Just south of the Mount Constitution trailhead lies Cascade Falls and Cascade Lake.

While this hike may be short, it offers a serious dose of forest tranquility and waterfall views.

Between the rustling trees, the beautiful falls, and the winding river which flows down to Cascade Lake, it won’t be hard to find your moment of zen.

And of course, be sure to take pictures and tag us on Instagram @fridayharborhouse for a feature on our page.

Happy hiking!